88 Exposicion Canina Barcelona 2019 (Martorell)

I See Dog People at the International Dog Show Barcelona 2019

This weekend I found myself at the International Dog Show Barcelona 2019 in Martorell, a town about 1 hour to the North West of the city. It was a full on smorgasbord of dogs of all shapes and sizes, and it was very interesting to meet so many different dogs and their owners. Some of them looked so majestic that I felt I was moving in the upper echelons of dog society!

Special thanks to the organisers of the event the Associació Canina Unió Cinòfila de Catalunya for inviting me to attend. It was a great experience and I am sure it won´t be my last dog show!

It was very interesting to see so many different dogs interacting with each other, and how some breeds like the Irish Wolfhounds – which were huge, by the way – seemed genuinely pleased to see a kindred spirit, and a fellow hound they could relate to about being so tall!